H2o Ninja Mask

The new and improved H2O Ninja Mask X is now on the market. You can expect the most advanced technology to come from this innovative mask. There are many improvements and updates the H2O Ninja Mask X has compared to our Original Edition mask. These invigorating developments are not found in any other mask on the market. This allows adventure-seekers to be able to have the most advanced full face snorkel mask in the world.



The H2O Ninja Mask X is the most innovative product in the snorkeling industry


The snorkel mask features an improved design element that gives the frame more coverage, allowing it to feel and look more durable. This top of the line element now includes a 3 part frame, making it more adjustable, form fitting, comfortable, and an overall updated look. These advancements not only make for a more beautiful and sleek look to the mask, but it also makes the H2O Ninja Mask X the most safe full face snorkel mask in the world.



Our leading technology guarantees the ultimate performance with the H2O Ninja Mask X


Increased Snorkel Length

The H2O Ninja Mask X also has an upgraded snorkel with an increased length of 50%. This optimizes the breathing experience and allows for full ventilation to occur to maximize oxygen intake underwater. The H2O Ninja Mask X assures top of the line safety and will not disappoint in whatever experience or skill level you have with snorkeling.

Additional Air Vent

Another technological improvement in the mask is the increased air ventilation system. The H2O Ninja Mask X increases air intake by least 25% in comparison to the Original Edition, ensuring a more fruitful experience below the surface. Air ventilation is a crucial component in the snorkel mask and is perhaps the most important safety enhancement in the X Edition. These masks guarantee the greatest air ventilation for surface-snorkeling, placing the H2O Ninja Mask X in a class of its own.

Next Generation Dry Top

Our exclusive Dry-Top technology is also enhanced in the H2O Ninja Mask X. The Original Edition snorkel mask has only 1 stopper in the snorkel tube to block water from entering. The H2O Ninja Mask X is innovative in that it has 2 stoppers working together to prevent water entry through the snorkel attachment. The stoppers are placed in separate chambers, an intricate safety design that adds complexity to the snorkel airway to block water from seeping in.




A full-face snorkeling mask, the H2O Ninja Mask X lets you enjoy stunning underwater sights

Detachable Camera Mount

H2O Ninjas frequently bring a GoPro or other compatible action camera on their underwater adventures, capturing the ultimate ocean views possible. The H2O Ninja Mask X comes with a detachable, snap-on camera mount so users can choose to film with their cameras or go for a more sleek and hydrodynamic look without the mount.

The H2O Ninja Mask X created an entirely new class of full face snorkel masks with the utmost innovation possible to date. The new design, structural, and safety features allows H2O Ninjas to explore the ocean more efficiently and comfortably than ever before. The best snorkeling adventure awaits; grab your H2O Ninja Mask X along with our new beach towels for an optimal summer experience.


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