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Snorkeling is probably one of the most popular aquatic activities in the world. It is the best way to get into the water and see what is underneath the surface, to experience the beauty of ocean and marine life. You can always expect to discover more and be surprised by the stunning creatures and ocean views if you know how to snorkel well. Here are some tips that can help you achieve that.



1. Equipment


It is very important to feel comfortable in the water. So before you go, the first and most important thing is to get the proper equipments. For beginners to fully enjoy the experience, it is a lot more easier to have a full-face snorkel mask with dry-top technology, as it can help people breathe normally underwater. When wearing the mask, a common mistake is that people think a tight mask will prevent water from coming in, but the truth is having a too-tight mask will not only hurt your face but also cause your mask to leak to fog up. Always defog your mask before wearing it. For a brand new mask, a little bit toothpaste will do the job. Another important part is the fins. It can provide swimmers with extra boost in the water, and will definitely save some pain from the feet. So when snorkeling for extended time, it is highly recommended.



2. Location


When you are going into a beach or island structure, you will want to make sure that there are not lots of waves because a wonderful snorkeling experience always happens in calm and clear water area. You will also want to pick a location that is alive, so you can expect lots of fish, corals and even sea turtles. Also, try to enter the water from beach instead of your boat, as it could be daunting for beginners. Jumping from the boat makes adaption harder and could easily ruin your experience.



3. In the water


Now you are finally in the water, and are excited about the ocean views. But try to keep relax and breathe slowly, your natural setting in the water should be floating if you manage to do that. Also be aware of the fact that at certain angles your head could go underwater with the snorkel, so if your mask is not equipped with dry-top technology, be prepared to exhale the water. And use your ankles instead of knees to kick a gently and slow movements at each time. Swimming slowly will give you more time to enjoy the ocean views and sensations of diving into the water, and of course, help you save energy.

The reason people enjoy snorkeling is that they want to explore the beautiful underwater world. Keep these tips in mind so you can snorkel like a professional and make full use of it, even if it is your first time there. In the meantime, don’t forget to check our newest H2O Ninja Mask X, which is by far the most technologically advanced full-face mask in the market. Get yours today and become a pro for your next adventure!



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