H2o Ninja Mask

Snorkeling is probably the most exciting activity for people who want to experience the ocean without much practice and expensive equipment. Snorkeling is a safe option for exploring beneath the sea surface that is much less expensive than scuba diving. Below are some safety tips for snorkeling, check these out before you begin your underwater adventure.

    1. Swim with a friend

    It is highly recommended that you go snorkeling with a friend. Not because your friend is more experienced and skilled than you, but because you can watch out for each other. Sometimes people get so involved with watching beautiful fishes and sea turtles, they forget to look up and lose track of their whereabouts. The current can move you far away quickly and when you finally have realized, you could be somewhere you don’t want to be.

      2. Check your equipment and get familiar with it

        There are different types of snorkeling masks with different sizes and shapes to be adjusted to your face. To prevent leakage and fogging, pick the right one that fits you the best, and spend a little more to rent a dry snorkel, especially for beginners. Also, before you begin your adventure, give yourself sometime to adjust your equipment and get used to it. Try it at a swimming pool or shallow beach to make sure you are comfortable with breathing through your snorkel. Of course, we recommend the H2O Ninja Mask for its safety features, like Dry-Top and Anti-Leak technology.

          3. Be aware of the ocean condition

            The ocean is unpredictable, and sometimes the condition can change quickly and dramatically. So before you get in the water, and while you are snorkeling, remember to survey the ocean condition constantly. Another thing to keep in mind is the current, it can move to any direction and become very strong in one particular area. This is where fins can be helpful as they give swimmers an extra boost in the water. Thankfully, H2O Ninja also has fins in our collection that are specialized for snorkel safety and would make a great addition to your ocean adventures.

              4. Be aware of marine life

                The most exciting part of snorkeling is when you meet all the incredible marine life underwater. Depending on where you visit, there is a great variety you might come across including jellyfish, fire coral, stonefish, sea nails, etc. Most of the time they are not aggressive, but occasionally, if you touch them they might cause stings, bites or other kinds of harm. So for your own safety, and for them as well, try not to stand on seabed and touch or pick anything while you are snorkeling.

                  5. Be aware of your physical condition

                    Snorkeling is a very fun activity, however you may lose track of time while looking at the beautiful marine life. You might think that floating doesn’t require much energy, and sometimes you could encounter an unusual creature and decide to ignore your fatigue. Unfortunately, both can lead you to a very dangerous situation. You might get dehydrated even before you realized it, or be too tired to swim back when the current suddenly changed. For those with health concerns, make sure to consult your doctor or physician about your fitness for snorkeling.

                    Hopefully these 5 tips will help you to enjoy your time with all the beautiful creatures out there. In the meantime, don’t forget to view our H2O Ninja Mask, which is the full-face mask that is designed for people who want to experience more with a safe snorkel mask. Get the BEST snorkeling experience for you and your family with the H2O Ninja Mask today!

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