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Traveling is always an adventurous way to experience new scenery and get familiar with the world outside of our everyday bubble. There are numerous activities to experience when traveling somewhere new in the world. One of the most popular activities when traveling to water destinations, is snorkeling. This is no surprise, due to the beautiful marine life and tranquility you get from seeing life through a lens underwater.


1. Komodo National Park - Indonesia

This is one of the most beautiful snorkeling destination spots and is known for the rare sightings of komodos they have. It is one of the few spots in the world where you can travel to see komodos, while snorkeling with the most beautiful views. Komodo National Park also has a wide range of fish to look at with thousands of live coral. This snorkeling destination offers a very unique experience when snorkeling, due to the diverse marine life and unique underwater features.


2. The Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

This snorkeling destination is home to various diverse marine life and is best known for the “Devil’s Crown.” The “Devil's Crown” is a sunken cone volcano on the Island that is available for snorkeling access. This snorkeling destination is unlike any other because of the rare opportunity gained while snorkeling in a volcano. The marine life that is spotted on this Island includes, sea turtles, dolphins, orcas, humpback whales, Galapagos penguins, fur seals, colorful fish, and many eels. It is guaranteed you will have plenty of underwater creatures to see.


3. Silver Bank - Dominican Republic

Snorkeling in the Silver Bank is unlike any other location. At this snorkeling destination, you will have the opportunity to snorkel with whales while they are swimming around you. It is an exclusive private area, with the most spectacular views.


4. Kealakekua Bay - Big Island Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay is located 13 miles south of Kailua-Kona and is known for being a pristine marine sanctuary and preservation site filled with colorful marine life and coral. They offer affordable tours for this snorkeling destination experience so you will not miss out on this beautiful sites.This snorkeling spot has around 250 species of endemic fish and marine life for your viewing pleasure and is one of the most popular snorkel destinations in the world.


5. Palawan - The Philippines

Palawan is a popular snorkeling destination due to its beautiful sites and active marine life. The waters are crystal clear with no waves and the environment is very tranquil with stunning marine wildlife. There are hidden lagoons and coves that you can snorkel in which leads to a very adventurous snorkeling destination experience. While there are many more snorkeling destinations to experience in the world, these five are on our list because of their unique features and beautiful views. Make sure to check out the H2O Ninja Masks before heading out to next snorkel adventure, as they allow for reduced fog and 180 degree viewing underwater for the ultimate underwater experience!


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