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Traveling to the beautiful state of Hawaii is always a fun time. The countless activities that you can experience on the islands is unmatched by any other area on the planet. The Hawaiian culture welcomes tourists to their home, allowing visitors to enjoy the food, tourists activities and even learn a little bit of the language while they’re there. One of the most popular activities for tourists and native Hawaiians alike is snorkeling. This shouldn’t be a surprise to everyone, as the beautiful fish, sea turtles and snorkeling destinations are prominent throughout the islands.


Snorkeling in Hawaii can be done through tours or even on your own around a resort or residence you live in. The H2O Ninja Mask snorkel has been used around the world, but it’s native habitat are the Hawaiian islands. While there are literally millions of areas in which you can snorkel in the state of Hawaii, H2O Ninja Mask took it upon ourselves to identify the top 5 snorkeling spots in Hawaii.


Molokini Crater, Maui

Off the coast of Maui (more specifically the Wailea area), there is a little crater called Molokini that attracts thousands of tourists daily. The crater arose from a sunken volcano and is a Marine LIfe Conservation District, which makes this snorkeling spot an important area for fish and sea turtles alike. This snorkeling spot has around 250 species of endemic fish and marine life for your viewing pleasure and is one of the most popular snorkel destinations on the island of Maui. Unique in its appearance, the crater has areas with diverse marine life and even activities, with scuba diving on the back-side of the crater and snorkeling on the inside.


This crater can only be reached by boat, so make sure to schedule a tour from the Lahaina Harbor, Ma’alaea Harbor, Kihei Boat Ramp and Makena. If you’re ever at Molokini Crater with an H2O Ninja Mask, be sure to hashtag #H2ONinjaMask on your social media post to be featured on our page!


Makua (Tunnels) Beach, Kauai

Makua Beach in Kauai is one of the few destinations in the state that has tunnels that anyone can snorkel in. This beach is commonly referred to as Tunnels Beach due to the unique architecture of the underwater area. Especially unique about this beach is that it has an inner reef that is rather shallow, allowing novice snorkelers and children to stay closer to the beach and out of the deep ocean. In the shallow reef however, only typical fish of the region are visible, like the parrotfish and Reef triggerfish. To discover the more rare and beautiful fish, going on the outer reefs of the beach will have a hefty reward.


Since this beach is in a residential area, there are not many restaurants in the area. Thus, we recommend stocking up on essential water and food before you head out there to snorkel!


Kahaluu Beach Park, Big Island

With the calmest waters out of the three listed, Kahaluu Beach Park is on the west side of the Big Island. You will probably find yourself snorkeling with sea turtles at this beach as they seem to frequent the area along with the beautiful fish. Due to constant mingling between snorkelers and fish, the fish aren’t especially wary of humans. The calm nature of the waters makes this snorkeling destination in Hawaii to be one of the most friendly to kids and novice snorkelers. We would even argue that for first-time snorkelers, this is the best beach to go for a first time! The cove is shallow, which means that viewing the corals and fish should be very easy in the area, especially with an H2O Ninja Mask!


In comparison to Tunnels Beach, Kahaluu Beach Park is in an area with plenty of shops and restaurants, so have fun snorkeling in the area without worrying about packing a lunch!


While there are plentiful snorkel destinations in the Hawaiian islands, these three will consistently make the lists of top snorkel areas in the tropics. If you want to make your snorkeling adventure easier for you and the family, check out the H2O Ninja Masks, as they allow for reduced fog and 180 degree viewing underwater!


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