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H2O Ninja Kids Snorkel Mask edition is our youth mask.

Our Snorkel mask for kids is designed to fit the children from ages 7 years and above. It is equipped with the camera mount. It comes in one size, just pick your favorite color.

This fun and safe snorkel for kids has everything for your little one to see clearly underwater.

Introducing the H2O Ninja Mask

A revolutionary full face snorkeling mask designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. The unique full face design of the H2O Ninja Mask will let you breathe normally under the water, just the same as you would on land. Inspired by the full-face mask/regulator systems used by deep-sea divers, the H2O Ninja Mask uses a snug, full-face seal to establish a clear airway between the entire mask and the surface, which is further protected by the integrated snorkel's one-way ball valve. The new H2O Ninja Mask has gleaned the best technologies from the last 50 years of mask evolution, to deliver the very best surface snorkeling experience on the planet!


Balance your love for air and seeing underwater

The H2O Ninja Mask covers your entire face. The snorkel is built into the mask and requires no mouth piece. Breathe just as easily below water as above.

Since you're allowed full use of your nose

and mouth for breathing, the mask's shatterproof poly-carbonate lens stays virtually fogless. Delivering breathtaking periphery views.

The best part of snorkeling?

Getting up close and personal with sea life. Get a full 180 degree viewing angle with H2O Ninja Mask.

Why the H2O Ninja Mask?

The H2O Ninja Mask's full-face design has many advantages over a traditional snorkeling mask.

- Users can Breathe using both nose and mouth under water. This is what our bodies are acclimatized to do on land.

- Eliminates the need to put the mouthpiece directly in the mouth.

Reduced Fogging

* Increases the view angle up to 180 degrees. * Drastically reduced fogging (compared to a normal snorkeling mask). * Dry Top Technology stops water from entering into the mask through the snorkel.


* Built in safety valves, in case of water seeping into the mask.

* As a result of a natural breathing action, people using the H2O Ninja Mask reported up to a 33% increase in snorkeling time compared to a regular snorkel.


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