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H2O Ninja Mask X

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The Most Advanced Snorkel Mask

The best snorkeling experience is here with the NEW H2O Ninja Mask X! Capture the beautiful ocean views with your eyes and a GoPro camera for a truly memorable adventure.

Our Original Edition mask was inspired by deep-sea diving masks, but the X Edition took it a step further. The new mask design allows you to have 25% more air intake and prevents water through the snorkel even better with two stoppers instead of one.

The H2O Ninja Mask X is a response to the advice of over ten thousand H2O Ninjas. Adventure-seekers can now have the most advanced full face snorkel mask in the world.


Improved Mask Design

Our first innovation of the new mask is perhaps the most obvious: the design is much more streamlined and slick compared to the original edition. We augmented the structural integrity by transforming the frame into 3 parts, being the most sturdy full face snorkeling mask in a class of its own.

H2o ninja X, most advanced full face snorkel in the world.

Upgraded Snorkel

The snorkel piece of the H2O Ninja Mask X was increased in length by 50% in order to optimize your breathing experience. We worked tirelessly to discover the perfect length of the snorkel, and we found it and commissioned the H2O Ninja Mask X to change snorkeling as we know it.

H2o ninja X, most advanced full face snorkel in the world.

Internal & External Architecture

The internal design of the H2O Ninja Mask X includes several advancements, including two additional vents that will increase air intake by H2O Ninjas by 25% or more compared to the Original Edition. The external design was improved with a detachable action camera mount, so the H2O Ninja Mask X is the most versatile snorkel in the world.

How about the sizing of the mask?

  1. Measure the distance from nose bridge to the bottom of the chin.
  2. If the distance is less than 4.8 inches, choose Small/Medium.
  3. If the distance is more than 4.8 inches, choose Large/XL.

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