H2o Ninja Mask

H2o Ninja X

Boasted as the most advanced snorkeling mask in the world, H2o Ninja X is the result of feedback from over 20K H2o Ninja customers and a dedicated R&D team. Now for the first time since the launch, get over $42 dollars off on H2o Ninja X.

H2o Ninja – GoPro Edition

H2o Ninja GoPro Edition was our attempt at redesigning the conventional snorkeling mask to give it a major overhaul. We were successful in making snorkeling a more natural and intuitive experience by removing the mouth tube completely. For the first time, since the launch, you can buy the H2o Ninja – GoPro edition for $89.99

H2o Ninja – Kids Edition

The Kids edition is designed for the children from ages 7 and above with a built in camera mount. H2o Ninja Kids edition is perfect for pools as well as snorkeling in ocean.


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